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Heaven is a Houston, Texas native currently residing in New York and proud alumna of Spelman College with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies.

I spent a lot of my childhood and adolescence observing others and accepting other people's projections that were not my reality. Reflecting on that, makes me emotional thinking about how much I sacrificed of myself to be digestible to others, that aren't even relevant in my life today.

Astrology has provided the tools to transform my life and alleviate any generational trauma, oppression, fear, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs into purpose. As a holistic astrologer & hoodoo practitioner, my goal is to provide intuitive guidance and empowerment towards transformative self-awareness and autonomy within the collective consciousness. 

Astrology allows me to advocate for dismantling social constructs, liberation, and be inspired by truth and human potential. 

The natal chart is a map of your life. It gives us insight into how the celestial alignment affects us spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally on earth.

When we learn how to discern higher and lower vibrations within our charts, we become master alchemists and transform our potential and hardships into our personal power. Through astrology, it gives us the blueprint to co-create the reality we're destined to fulfill in this lifetime.

If you are struggling with problems that seem to repeat themselves over and over, and you can't figure out the answer to "how does this keep happening to me!?" or "how do I keep ending up here!?!" ; If you are having trouble identifying patterns in your life; you find yourself operating from a scarcity mindset or feeling overwhelmed by self-limiting beliefs; you don't know your life's purpose, career trajectory, or money potential and feel desperate for answers; or you're unclear on how to navigate and overcome challenges, my work is for you.

When you step into a reading with me, you are stepping into a kind, non-judgmental honest space in which to understand yourself in a whole new light. There is no "bad or good" in astrology. I don't believe in binary constructions of "right & wrong," "black & white," or "good & bad" but peace & chaos, perception & concepts.

With love, compassion, presence, and humor, we will break down your chart and give you a new clarity about who you are, the patterns in your life, and what you're here to do. We'll shine a light on your soul purpose, and clear doubt about what you're meant to do, and what you need to heal. 


virgo sun - scorpio moon - gemini rising

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another."

-Toni Morrison

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