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"Heaven was exceptional. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable, she took so much time and care into the reading. She was kind but honest and it was an incredibly therapeutic experience. I didn’t go into it with the intention of “healing” from anything but came out healed from things I didn’t know needed healing. I would recommend her a thousand times over."


"This natal reading was very eye opening and transformative. During such a pivotal moment in my life, Heaven really gave me the guidance and direction I needed to move forward, step up, and take control of who I am. She provided an entire break down of my life. The details she provided were spot on, everything was well explained, organized and detailed. After the reading, I became more driven towards my goals. I now have a game plan on how I want to overcome my obstacles, how I want to change and how I want to approach the future. Many questions were answered and many issues were addressed. I am so grateful for such a beautiful experience!"


"When I was struggling with my life, Heaven's reading gave me insight on not only myself but how I perceive the world. She opened my eyes to hidden traumas, possible solutions, and a sense of self-worth and understanding. I enjoy her readings and I will continue to see her for more guidance."

- M

"I was always interested in astrology, but never knew where to start. I stumbled upon Heaven's readings and was captivated by her knowledge, spirituality, and positivity. She helped me unearth past traumas that were troubling me and coached me through my natal chart. It was truly a valuable experience that I will never forget."

- T

“Haus of Heaven has changed my life tremendously. Heaven became the one guide that I needed to get more in touch with spirituality, and she’s helped me see things that gave me answers to questions about why my life was the way it was. Using her healing spirituality, she has helped me figure out how to take control of my life and see that I understand how things are always about spirits and intentions. It has also changed not only how I view myself but everything else, such as the world.”

- A

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